Crystal Healing

Ancient alternative medicine techniques that employ stones and crystals
Crystal Healing and Lithotherapy are holistic non-invasive forms of alternative healing that harmonizes your mind, body, emotions and spirit.

These methods help restoring our wellness, neutralise negativity, remove depression, emotional blocks, stress and anxiety. Also, they assist in becoming integrated and acquiring wholeness and relaxation.

Pranic Crystal Healing and Laying of Crystals and Stones (Lithotherapy) are used in the individual sessions. You can find more information about Crystal Healing below.
Crystals and Your Body
Crystals have unique internal structure, which resonates with your body energy at a certain frequency. This resonance helps restoring stability and balance to your energy systems, stimulating the body's natural healing mechanisms. Crystals and stones have neutral energy and, when placed on your chakras, activate your inner healing powers, and conduct vital energy into the parts of your body which require healing.
Crystals and Chakras
Crystals are organic lasers and magnets. They are used in radio, microscopes, television etc. They are natural distributors of electromagnetic energy throughout the earth. Also, the earth's minerals are responsible for distribution of the energy throughout the human body.

At Anti-Stress Clinic, I am applying Crystal Lymphatic Massage, that is a powerful method to detox your body, mind and spirit. It is very effective for elimination of waste and toxins. Also, it aids in weight loss and reducing the amount of cellulite plus much more. Please watch the video to find out more.

Crystal Lymphatic Massage
Elina Doronkina
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