Art Therapy

Without sharing the details of your issue we will be able to find a solution
Involves several approaches, such as: Holistic Art Therapy, active and guided meditations, visualisations and hypnosis.

Art Therapy is different from other therapeutic methods, such as counselling and psychology where people have to talk about their problems over and over again. With the help of gentle processes you will be able to make yourself happy and learn how to REMOVE and OVERCOME (not to cope with) your problems or issues. You will move toward wellness and experience healing during and after my sessions. It is totally client centered; not judging, not categorising and not diagnosing.

Art Therapy sessions will help you to discover who you really are and what you really want and need. It will happen easily and smoothly and, in some cases practically without any effort.
Art Therapy works and heals on all levels:
It does not interpret your life, but facilitates the search for the inner resources; healing; removing physical manifestation of a problem and its trigger; helping emotional holding and transformation.

In spite of the fact that the sessions are full of deep inner work, discoveries and self analysis, you will have a lot of fun.

The key and the most interesting part in Art Therapy is that if you do not want to talk, you are more than welcome to keep silence about the disturbing issue. I have a lot of instruments to remove the triggers of your unwanted state without discussing the circumstances. So, your issues will be sorted out as effectively as you need.
Art Therapy and Emotional Healing look at your positive resources and wisdom, and searches for your strengths. Processes help you to understand what is happening in your life, create connection with your soul and intuition, come to terms with who you really are and what you really want in life, uncover your personal skills.

Every person is unique and has mental, physical, emotional and spiritual capacities, which is why all sessions are individually tailored.

Introduction to Anti-Stress Clinic Sessions
Emotional Healing, Art Therapy and special techniques
Art Therapy sessions heal your emotions and take you on an exciting journey full of your own unique rituals, games and ceremonies. We will use guided and active meditations and induction techniques to facilitate your ability to see the entire picture of your life, develop your own problem solving techniques. It supports you in finding and using your own medicine; and obtaining deeper knowledge of self.

Art Therapy
supports you in spiritual crisis, spiritual emergence and times of difficulty; assists in removing depression, stress, anxiety; eases a grieving process; helps developing a better relationship with yourself, accepting and healing trauma; gaining clarity and many more.
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