Additional aid to make you feel and look great

Essential Oils, Blends and Sprays

To make your health better, life easier and goals achieving faster!
In my clinic I use special blends of essential oils, herbs and crystals which help you to get back on track, recover from ailments, calm down and feel balanced on all levels.

There are special blends for:
- Quit Smoking or other addictions like alcohol, chocolate etc;
- Stress/depression/anxiety removal;
- Motivation, passion, inner peace, forgiveness, cheerfulness;
- Improving your attention to achieve your goals;
- Feeling good and balanced, calm and happy.

You might need an additional help to:

- rid of physical ailments;
- improve your sleep;
- detoxify your body and mind.

You might need:
- Drops (to be taken orally with food);
- Sprays (to be used for your energy and body);
- Scrubs (to be applied on the parts of your body related to your condition);
- Cremes or massage oils (for self-massage techniques, energising and activation of particular functions of your body, mind, emotions and soul).

These products are coming in two sizes:
- 50ml & 100ml (both with special massage ring & spiky massage ball, as well as individual instructions).

I create all above for every individual case, taking into the account your circumstances, features of your character, your energy levels, your physical and mental states, allergies and individual food/aroma preferences. When all above put together, I charge the mixture or blend with special vibrations and your own energy, right during the session. Then, special instructions are given to you in terms how to use or apply this spray, scrub, drops or cream.

In some cases, I add crystals into a mixture to make it more powerful and effective. If this is a case, the price can change depending on the quantity and size of gemstones.

You might have some Positive Side Effects (PSE).
I cannot predict what exactly might happen, but get ready for:
- Some weight loss;
- Better metabolism and digestion;
- Improved blood and lymph circulation;
- Skin improvement/rejuvenation;
- Higher energy levels;
- Increased personal attraction and sexuality;
- Improved relationships;
- Career change;
- Financial improvements;
- Hair regrowth and many more...

All you need is to follow your individual plan and instructions.

If you need to achieve one of the above mentioned goals, sprays, blends and essential oils will definitely assist you on the way to your desired outcome.
I have special healthy blends for you to chose from.

Also, you can purchase DoTERRA essential oils yourself. Please read and follow instructions below.

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