Hypnosis for Quit smoking and other addictions, relaxation, stress release, pain reduction and emotional balance.
Hypnosis is a normal natural state of mind where you accept the suggestions that are ok by you and consistent with your values and worldview. Being in hypnosis you are always in control.

Hypnotic trance is not something unusual
. It happens to us nearly every day. Even driving your car you are in a hypnotic trance where your conscious mind is focusing only on a road, surrounding cars and pedestrians, and your unconscious mind is actually driving.

Your Unconscious Mind
manages all processes in your body and mind to keep you alive. It is active while sleeping or dreaming, responsible for involuntary movements, intuitive feeling and knows the solutions to the problems that we cannot solve consciously.
Hypnosis helps reaching Your Unconscious Mind to change your negative behaviour program for a positive and healthy one, e.g. quit smoking, eat healthily or release stress.

Hypnosis is an incredibly effective way to quit smoking. Combination of Hypnosis, Crystal and Prangana healing, oil blending and Wellbeing Consulting has demonstrated great results for nearly a decade.

Quit Smoking Hypnosis sessions
remove your addiction to cigarettes. There are 3 sessions, 90 minutes each. Basically, you will not need to do anything but comfortably sitting in an armchair, relaxing and listening to your own health program re-installed into your mind.

There is an additional aid for you in between and after the sessions. This is a special essential oil solution to be used by you when needed. Also, you will be given some simple techniques which will help you to stay focused on your aim to become a healthy person and keep you away from addiction.

If you are addicted to sweets, alcohol, fatty or junk food hypnosis sessions will assist you to re-program your mind. In this case, you will need 6 x 90min sessions. And since my approach is very different from others, you will get a lot of homework. It is not difficult and do not take a lot of time or efforts, but it requires your attention to details and ability to focus.

Before you start your journey to health, I want to share a very important secret with you. If you really want to quit smoking or rid of any other addiction, if this decision is yours, it is 50% of success. But if this idea belongs to your family, friends and relatives, and deep inside you do not want to stop unhealthy habits, hypnosis will not help until you change your mind.
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