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Holistic Help with Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, Addictions

Your personal Hypnotherapist
  • Nothing brings joy, feeling down, everything seems grey & dull
  • No desire to communicate with others, get out of your house
  • No desire to eat or drink or, vice versa - you cannot stop drinking or eating
  • Low energy levels, phantom pains and aches, fear of death
  • Mood swings, inhibited reaction, apathy
  • Insomnia, negative thoughts
  • Lost sense of direction in life or life purpose
  • Feeling abandoned, lonely, devastated, frustrated, betrayed
  • Mired in addictions or bad habits
  • No energy for a fulfilling life
  • Tried many other approaches but nothing helped
  • No time or desire to do complicated exercises and follow lengthy healing programs
  • Mired in addictions or bad habits
  • Tried many other approaches but nothing helped
  • No time or desire to do complicated exercises and follow lengthy healing program
There are many people dealing with depression, emotional blockages, stress, and anxiety that stop them from living their best lives. Many of them are looking for natural non-invasive ways of healing.
Anti-Stress healing system is based exclusively on natural approaches.

At Anti-Stress Clinic all those unwanted states will be removed just in a few sessions. Hypnosis along with other simple yet effective techniques and exercises that even a child can do will help you return to your healthy better self.
Elina Doronkina
Hypnotherapist, Art Therapist, Wellness Consultant, Author of Lazy Workouts and Healing System for Body, Mind & Soul
In my clinic, without having to discuss an issue, I help to uncover and remove triggers of many ailments with the help of tools that do not use drugs. I assist you in healing of emotional and physical traumas; excelling in all areas of your life; becoming attractive, peaceful, successful, calm, healthy, and happy.

Utilising a magic mixture of modern, ancient and author's methods in my session, I am implementing change and introducing fresh energy into your life; facilitating the removal of obstacles, creating and achieving goals; relationship, health and sleep improvement.
I've gone through a lot of pain, so I understand yours!
A few years ago, doctors predicted that I would not be able to walk without crutches due to a lot of injuries, including my broken spine, sustained during the car accident. These injuries were the reason of my struggle with weight issues, pains, aches and depression.

All above have pushed me towards creating a special program that includes mindful eating, light exercises and techniques to improve health, emotional balance, wellness and flexibility. My own Anti-Stress program has helped me to get back on track, lose weight, restore range of movements and flexibility up to 99%, remove depression, stress, anxiety and fears, as well as hundreds of my clients, men and women, children and elderly people. My goal is to help people to become better versions of themselves, without too much efforts and complicated routines.
If you are stressed, but don't feel comfortable talking about your issues, watch my video and stop worrying about stepping out of your comfortable zone.
Do you really need to talk about your problems?
What happens in my sessions
Make your health your priority, because the best time for healing is NOW.
Recommended for everyone who wants to improve their health and wellness.
Using special techniques I will go through each major area of your body to test reflex zones and acupressure points, and tell you if there are any toxic elements or tensions, what they affect, and what requires urgent attention and healing.

Then, I will activate your acupressure points and apply hypnotherapy. All you need to do is to relax and enjoy the special YOU time. After the hypnosis session you will receive an individual healing program along with instructions on how to use it.

How many sessions do you need?
Addictions - usually it takes only 6-8 sessions (90 min each) to remove your addiction.
Stress, depression and other conditions may require 6-12 sessions.
Eating disorders - 6-9 sessions.
It depends on the level of your emotional/mental state and how long you have been suffering from your condition. Individual results may vary. However, you will feel improvements straight after the first session.
Mini Video Sessions

Simple Tips on Staying Healthy and Physically Active
Learn how to:
  • easily remove stress and anxiety;
  • keep your joints flexible and healthy;
  • improve your sleep, metabolism and blood circulation;
  • detoxify your body and mind;
  • boost your confidence and energy levels in as little as just 5-7 minutes a day!
Make your health your priority!

In a safe and loving environment you will explore yourself and your life circumstances so you can live a happier, richer and more meaningful life. You will unleash your creativity and express your true feelings through gentle processes.

Every person holds a unique wholeness and has a unique life path. I am always present for you, make you feel safe, protected, heard and understood. I support and assist you on your way to a better health, life and goals.

My sessions take you into a beautiful realm of emotions, energy, creativity, spiritual connections, inspiration, intuition, power and health. You will find the right steps to your health, happiness and wellbeing; will be inspired to make the most important changes in your life and this will make you strong, healthy and happy.

Read more about my approaches

How I work with you
An ongoing relationship, support and advice, permanent lifestyle changes. Giving you a lot of fun home tasks and vital energy.
Together, we will move to your desired outcomes step-by-step, creating and using special techniques. I will do my part during the sessions and you will do your home work in between. The main idea is to maintain the achieved results between sessions, in order to have good progress.
I do not work with people who don't want to get well, solve their problems, quit bad old habits, improve their attitude or performance and/or accept changes. You need to find a true answer within and decide if you really want to improve and change your life, get well and become happy.
Do you work with men?
Yes! I work with men as well.

In spite of my main focus on women and their issues, I work with everyone who asks for help. It is only natural that in my practice I see women, because I am a woman. However, my methods and approaches are great for all genders and ages, nationalities and beliefs, because I work with your conscious and unconscious, with your mind and your emotions.
What is Elina's healing program?
This is NOT a "quick fix". It is a 12-weeks program, which involves an intensive healing in the beginning, and constant maintenance of your physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual and mental levels from the first to the last day.

You are gradually introduced to a complete change of your life style which helps improving your health, energy levels, performance, attitude, eating habits, relationship, intuition and environment you live in.

In the beginning, you have weekly and fortnightly sessions, then - when your issues are gradually solved - we spread the sessions and you might see me once in 3-4 weeks. Then, when your issues are resolved, a maintenance session every 2-3 months to correct/balance your emotional levels and re-charge your energy system is highly recommended.

After each session, you will receive an email with video tips, exercises and techniques to be honestly done at home. Rest assured, that I perfectly know when you actually do your home work and when you don't do it at all.

Each session will begin with you reporting back to me. I train your brain to think and act differently with the help of simple fun techniques. Get ready for my unusual approaches!

How quickly can you expect the results?
Basically, you will see positive changes by the end of your first session and after it within the first week. Then, you will constantly see improvements within and with out - these can be minor or major, but they will happen every week (or even every day, if you are persistent with the exercises given to you by the therapist).

Our relationship has a form of a "CO-OPERATION" - your therapist does her part during the sessions and you do yours at home. So, your results depend on the level of your commitment, readiness to accept healing, take required steps, perform rituals and exercises.

You have to be honest with yourself and perform all home tasks I am giving to you.
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