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Choose any of the product or online program to improve your health and wellness. With my tools healing will become easy and full of fun.
Your health is your priority and prevention is the best healing.
De-Stress & Sleep Well Journey
This video course offers a combination of light physical exercises, special movements, breathing, self-massage, holistic techniques and active healing meditations to improve sleep and manage stress levels for optimal health.

More than 4,5 hours video, meditations and techniques that can be done at any time, at your own pace and maybe even with your family, which will add some fun to your everyday life and uplift your mood.

Subtitles are also provided.
Awakening Your Intuition
A series of special exercises and meditations to find a way to your own inner wisdom, calm down, balance emotions, thoughts, energy and spirit.

This course will also help to stay healthy on physical and mental levels, find answers to important questions and easily navigate through life.

You will learn to hear and understand a special hidden language of your intuition; protect yourself from panic, danger, ailments; maintain good health, emotional balance, calmness and ability to focus on important tasks and things. You will be able to easily set and achieve your goals, develop psychic abilities and abilities to influence any situation.
Lose Weight and Balance Your Emotions
Everyone wants to feel and look great, rejuvenate their body and mind, have great skin, thick hair and sleep well. Here's the good news: we DON'T need gyms or pools at all! We don't need to exhaust the body working out hard, lifting heavy weights or running long distance. There are simple secrets on how to become fit and healthy without that.

You will remove UNhappy foods and introduce HAPPY foods to your diet, find the best hours for eating and fasting, sleeping and being active, and do special FUN and EASY exercises to improve energy, emotions and sleep!
Dancing Artist Art Expression Classes (series of 4)
Dancing Artist classes are great for everyone, even for those, who do not have any drawing skills.
I am teaching you to love, re-connect and communicate with yourself and your talented artist within.
You will release stress, improve emotional and mental balance, clarity of thinking and creativity.
Massage ring & spiky ball
10 including postage within Australia
This set consists of a magnetic spiky ball and spiky massage ring perfect for massaging your fingers, palms, hands, chest and other parts of body. It helps to reduce stress, improve sensitivity, blood and lymph circulation, normalise blood pressure, brain and heart activity.
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