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Choose any of the product or online program to improve your health and wellness. With my tools healing will become easy and full of fun.
Your health is your priority and prevention is the best healing.
De-Stress & Sleep Well Journey
This video course offers a combination of light physical exercises, special movements, breathing, self-massage, holistic techniques and active healing meditations to improve sleep and manage stress levels for optimal health.

More than 4,5 hours video, meditations and techniques that can be done at any time, at your own pace and maybe even with your family, which will add some fun to your everyday life and uplift your mood.

Subtitles are also provided.
Dancing Artist Art Expression Classes (series of 4)
Dancing Artist classes are great for everyone, even for those, who do not have any drawing skills.
I am teaching you to love, re-connect and communicate with yourself and your talented artist within.
You will release stress, improve emotional and mental balance, clarity of thinking and creativity.
Stay Fit and Flexible
59.00 USD monthly subscription
This is an online every day coaching program that will not take a long time.

All you need to do is to share your goals with me and I will help you reaching them.
Massage ring & spiky ball
7 including postage within Australia
This set consists of a magnetic spiky ball and spiky massage ring perfect for massaging your fingers, palms, hands, chest and other parts of body. It helps to reduce stress, improve sensitivity, blood and lymph circulation, normalise blood pressure, brain and heart activity.
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